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Attempted self-introduction

Published on Tuesday, July 7, 2009 11:22:00 AM UTC in Personal

Dieses Post stammt aus dem urspr√ľnglichen "Mister Goodcat"-Blog bei Geeks with Blogs (2009-2010).

Programmers have no easy lifes. It's amazing how many people cannot get typical stereotypes out of their minds: they think of us as confused, long-haired, disheveled, overweight guys, somehow nuts or at least from a different world, sitting in front of their keyboards, a bottle of Coke to the left, cold pizza to the right, hacking mysterious combinations of text into a computer until sunrise. Virgins in their mid-30s, still living at mama's, and due to the lack of sun over the years turned paler than MJ himself. People who cannot clothe a normal thought in words because all the abstract work has fried their brains. Talking - if at all - only about compiler switches, the number 42 and telling jokes which cannot be understood by 99,9% of the human race. Persons that get more excited about Lost than solutions to global warming and wish more for an even bigger monitor than world peace. Spending all their free time on computer games, able to recite from 400 episodes of The Simpsons and only leaving the house for Star Trek conventions.

I am of course totally different. I hate Star Trek.


The truth is, I am a computer enthusiast, ever have been that way since my father brought a C64 into our home back when I was a kid. I enjoy my work as software developer so much that I'm one of the lucky guys who actually think work is fun... and because I've learned a lot from people all around the world who kindly share their experiences online, I decided to give something back to the community. Meow!

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