Silverlight Debug Helper (Visual Studio Add-in) Getting ready for the Windows Phone 7 Exam 70-599 (Part 2)

XNA for Silverlight developers: Part 13 - Mango (2)

Published on Monday, June 20, 2011 9:23:00 AM UTC in Programming

In the last part of this series we've taken a look at one of the major new features in the upcoming Mango update for Windows Phone: integrating Silverlight and XNA in the same application, which is a thrilling opportunity for both normal application developers to enrich their applications with 2D/3D graphics content as well as game developers to simplify development of menus and other screens that require a rich user interface. In this part we'll take a look at the other new features Mango will bring that are particularly interesting to game developers. Remember that you need the beta version of the developer tools if you want to try any of these features yourself. You can read the full article on Silverlight Show.

Tags: Games · Mango · Windows Phone 7 · XNA