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Getting ready for the Windows Phone 7 Exam 70-599 (Part 2)

Published on Tuesday, June 14, 2011 2:33:00 PM UTC in Programming

This is the second part of my article series to prepare you for Microsoft's new Windows Phone 7 exam that will be available starting July 14th. For a short introduction and overview of the exam as well as a list of general learning materials please take a look at the first article. The official outline of the measured skills breaks down the topics into the following parts:

  • Designing Data Access Strategies (19%) (this article)
  • Designing and Implementing Notification Strategies (17%) (this article)
  • Working with Platform APIs, Tasks, and Choosers (21%)
  • Designing the Application Architecture (21%)
  • Designing the User Interface and User Experience (23%)

In the last article we've seen what your data access strategies are, both for remote data as well as local storage. We've also briefly mentioned the limitations of network connectivity on the phone and what features of the platform help you deal with these. In this part, we turn on Push Notifications and surrounding topics. You can read the full version over at Silverlight Show.

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