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Windows Phone 7 on-demand training available

Published on Monday, September 5, 2011 4:25:00 PM UTC in Programming

This morning I have unlocked a new on-demand training for Windows Phone 7 development on my training website for public access:

The training teaches and guides you through the development process of a real Windows Phone 7 application that you can find in the Marketplace here. Feel free to download this app (it is a small puzzle game) to your phone and take a look at what you are going to build in the training. After 18 individual parts and more than 20 hours of video content, you will have learned a lot about the platform and how to create nice and clean code for it, and you will of course have access to the full source code of the application as it is available at the moment – free for use in your own projects without any restrictions.

Apart from the obvious Windows Phone 7 specific technical features you are going to learn about, this training also covers surrounding topics; it teaches in particular about best practices and how to create reusable components (some of which you can continue using after the training right away). You will see how you can apply patterns like MVVM to your application, and it demonstrates the benefits of doing this throughout the course. After taking this training, you will be able to do unit testing on the phone, you will have learned about what profiling is and how to use it to detect and fix performance problems in your application, and we will have covered additional topics like advertising on the phone, and detailed preparation of the submission process. The training is fully based on Windows Phone "Mango", but one of the sessions also explains what needs to be done to achieve RTM compatibility, and talk about what your options are to target both platforms to reach as many users as possible.

The first two sessions of the training are available for free, without even the need to create an account with Goodcat Trainings. Go ahead and take a look, and please consider buying a subscription if you like what you see :).

Let me know if you encounter any problem, or if you have suggestions for future improvements or additional topics that you want to see covered in my trainings – I'm always glad and thankful for feedback. Thank you!

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