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Silverlight 5 Quick Tip: 64-bit Support

Published on Friday, September 2, 2011 9:39:14 PM UTC in Programming

Edit 2011-12-11: This article is compatible with the final version of Silverlight 5 (5.0.61118.0).

The first posts with questions about 64-bit support in Silverlight 5 already start to show up. The thing is that the 64-bit version of the plug-in is not installed by default when you install the tools. So even though the documentation says Silverlight 5 has 64-bit support, you are still prompted to install Silverlight when you use a 64-bit browser to access a Silverlight application.

The solution to this is to install the 64-bit runtime manually; the installer can be downloaded from here:

… or by using the direct links here:

Developer Runtime 64-bit for Windows
End-User Runtime 64-bit for Windows

After the installation, you will see that Silverlight content shows up correctly in e.g. IE9 64-bit.

Tags: Silverlight · Silverlight 5