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Silverlight 3 GDR 1 (3.0.40723.0)

Published on Thursday, July 30, 2009 9:52:00 PM UTC in Programming

Dieses Post stammt aus dem urspr√ľnglichen "Mister Goodcat"-Blog bei Geeks with Blogs (2009-2010).

This evening, I was presented with an update to Silverlight by Microsoft Update ("Update for Microsoft Silverlight (KB970363)"). The included text sounded more than a general feature description of Silverlight 3 than a change log:

This update to Silverlight improves security and reliability, enhances graphical performance and creative effects, expands the range of supported media formats, broadens support for rich internet applications, and enables Silverlight applications to run outside of the browser.

The provided link also did not reveal any information on what really has changed by this silent release. After looking around the web (there do not seem to be any release notes), it seems like the only thing that has changed is a buffering issue with wmv streams. See the answer from Jimmy Lewis in the Silverlight forums as well as an article at ars technica.

I wish Microsoft would also provide official change logs for every release.

Btw.: if you are a Silverlight developer, you have to install the developer edition instead of the normal runtime. You can get the 40723 (GDR1) release here: http://go2.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=150228 - you can check if you're using the latest version by following this link (restart your browser after updating first).

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