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Announcing Some Changes

Published on Thursday, March 13, 2014 5:00:00 PM UTC in Announcements & Personal

Some of you most likely have noticed that my blog hasn't been updated for some months, something that hasn't happened at any time during the last years. The reasons for this are beyond the scope of this blog, and, frankly, I also don't see a need for lame excuses or justification.

The important part is that I'll pick up writing again now, but even more important is that this will be accompanied by some changes, mostly two:

  1. From now on I will post a lot more in German. This is a decision I have thought about a lot, because I am well aware that a lot of my current readers will not be able to understand those articles and posts, and that I'll probably lose quite a lot of you. No hard feelings there, I obviously would do the same. I also feel sorry about that, but I feel that I can serve the local community much better with that move.

  2. In the future, you will find much more topics that are only loosely related to software development, and some of which not related to it at all. You will be surprised, I promise, starting this evening. During the last years, in this blog and the one before, I very much focused on programming only, and in addition used a quite narrow range of topics: .NET, Silverlight, Windows Phone - with only few exceptions. I want to turn this into a central place for talking about and discussing much more details of my daily life. Of course it will stay the blog of a techie, but there will be content you would not expect if you followed me during the last years. Again I'm very aware of the consequences: that I'll lose readers because of the drastic change. But I also hope that the new, more casual style will attract others and also create a more... approachable impression of myself.

Thank you all for reading through the last years and supporting me - it was a great ride.

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