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XNA for Silverlight developers: Part 10 - UI Elements and Menus

Published on Wednesday, April 27, 2011 7:45:00 AM UTC in Programming

Games inherently have a different UI and user experience concept compared to business applications. Where you scroll through endless lists of items and enter data in greyish forms on one side, you use a game pad or touch input to control a character through a thrilling fantasy world on the other side. In some situations however, you suddenly find yourself to be in need of all these boring controls of normal desktop applications for your game too. Whenever you want to create a menu or request certain data from the user for example, you need the same kind of UI in one way or another: text boxes, combo boxes, buttons. This article evaluates the options you have in XNA compared to Silverlight, and takes a quick look at the future. Read it over at Silverlight Show.

Tags: Games · Silverlight · Windows Phone 7 · XNA