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Windows Phone 8: Protocols and File Type Associations

Published on Thursday, January 31, 2013 6:45:13 AM UTC in Programming

In Windows Phone 7 we had several options to communicate with the outside world, for example using Web Services, HTTP or low-level communication using sockets. This already enabled a large field of possibilities for interesting apps. For example, I built a remote controlling component named PAARC [1] on top of this to virtually communicate with and control any .NET application from your phone. However, despite these options support for a lot of alternate technologies was missing: app developers could not use well-established things like Bluetooth, support for new technologies like NFC was missing completely on the phones, and direct app-to-app communication on a single device was impossible. Windows Phone 8 improves all of these situations, and over the next three articles I'll take a deeper look at some of the new possibilities that have been added. This time, I'll concentrate on what options we have to enable a greater interaction between apps on the local device.

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