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Windows Phone 8: Native Code Support

Published on Wednesday, November 28, 2012 10:02:14 AM UTC in Programming

Developing software for Windows Phone always meant developing managed code. Whether it was traditional development in Silverlight to create your apps or if you decided to build games in XNA, you never left the cozy world of a managed runtime environment. While usually this is something that gives you much more benefits than drawbacks, there are situations where having the possibility to use unmanaged code would be very desirable. Unfortunately, until now using managed code was not a conscious decision you could make as the developer, but rather a limitation of the platform that was imposed on you, and a choice that you didn't have. With version 8 of Windows Phone, Microsoft opens up the platform to unmanaged third party code and allows you to develop in C++.

In this part of the series I demonstrate how you can benefit from native development by integrating an existing simple C++ Mandelbrot renderer into an C# app. The full article is available on SilverlightShow:

Windows Phone 8: Native Code Support

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