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Updated articles for "Mango"

Published on Sunday, July 31, 2011 8:38:00 PM UTC in Programming

Over the last two weeks, I went through all the articles of my "XNA for Silverlight Developers" series and made sure that they are still valid in the context of the upcoming "Mango" Update for Windows Phone 7. Since a lot of the content is XNA specific, many articles didn't require huge changes. However, some of them also cover platform specific topics like the sensor APIs (which are a bit refactored in Mango) or the application life cycle (which has been extended by the new dormant state). Those articles required adding a few paragraphs or even rewriting parts of them completely, to provide smooth explanations that fit both the RTM and Mango versions of the platform. So, if you ever felt like learning XNA on the Windows Phone, you can now do that and feel certain that you are receiving all the latest, future-proof information with these articles. Happy programming! :)

Tags: Games · Silverlight · Windows Phone 7 · XNA