Guest Appearance on The Tablet Show Creating the SilverlightShow Windows Phone App: part 2

Creating the SilverlightShow Windows Phone App: part 3

Published on Thursday, April 12, 2012 3:30:00 PM UTC in Programming

In the first parts of the series about developing the SilverlightShow Windows Phone app I explained the general development process and the technical details of accessing and optimizing the RSS feeds of the site. Now that we are able to access all of the content from the phone, the next step is to take a look at what was necessary to display what we have to the user while preserving a native look and feel. If you haven't seen the app in action, here is a short video about it.

When you recall the details of the previous part or simply take a quick look at the RSS feeds of the SilverlightShow site again (sample), you will see that the content of each category (news, articles, events) is stored as fully formatted HTML already. All of it is produced by authors in WYSIWYG tools like Windows Live Writer and directly uploaded to the site's content management system. Even though we receive a slightly optimized and cleaned version of that rich content on the phone, it's still HTML. The fundamental decision to make hence was whether we would take that content as-is or transform it into something more native to the phone platform.

You can read the full article at SilverlightShow here:

Creating the SilverlightShow Windows Phone App: part 3

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