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Creating the SilverlightShow Windows Phone App - Part 1

Published on Wednesday, March 21, 2012 12:30:00 PM UTC in Programming

The guys over at SilverlightShow just released my first article on the creation of the Windows Phone app accompanying their web portal. In this mini-series of articles I share some of the experiences during the development of that said app, and focus on things that you probably don't see that often in other tutorials about Windows Phone on the web. One of the particular goals of the articles is to give you some insights in the development process of a real-world project, what problems you might be facing in such a project and how to deal with them. The first part solely talks about the development process itself, and what steps we performed to get the app development up and running. You can find the full article here:

I'd be glad to hear some feedback or receive comments, either here, over at SilverlightShow, or through the contact options of my blog. Also, if you are interested in reading about a particular details of the app in a future part of the series, let me know. It's still time to integrate your suggestions if they're reasonable.

Tags: SilverlightShow · Windows Phone 7