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Tuesday, 6/21/2011 12:00 PM
by Peter Kuhn

Silverlight Debug Helper (Visual Studio Add-in)

Tuesday, 6/21/2011 12:00 PM by Peter Kuhn | 2 Comments

If you are actively using my debug helper Add-in for Visual Studio which I released last fall, you may be pleased to learn that I've uploaded a new version. And if you're not using it yet, I invite you to take a look at it.

The tool has been renamed to "Silverlight Debug Helper" (formerly "Firefox Debug Helper") because I added support for Chrome and Internet Explorer to it. If you have the previous version installed, you may want to uninstall it first.

From now on, the Debug Helper can be found on this static page (also linked to in the menu at the right), so you don't have to dig through old blog posts to find the download links and description anymore. Let me know what you think, and happy debugging :-).

Comments (2) -

No issue to report with the add-in, however Firefox 4.0.1 takes the link to the .vsi file and saves it as .zip; A simple rename of the extension and it works...

Thanks for the feedback. A .vsi file actually really only is a renamed zip archive. Maybe Firefox recognizes this and changes the extension automatically. I think I'll just zip it again to fix this.

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