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Tuesday, 10/19/2010 4:34 PM
by Peter Kuhn

Micro-Sprints – How to get things done as a developer

Tuesday, 10/19/2010 4:34 PM by Peter Kuhn | 8 Comments

This is not a post about a particular technical problem. It's about how I manage to get my work done. People actually ask me this question, and since I have put quite some thought into how to structure my day, I thought: "Why not share this with everybody else?" That is why you're reading this. Maybe it helps you too, or at least makes you think about the way you work, to improve your efficiency. Here we go.

Some History

A decade ago, a series of remarkable posts by Joel Spolsky fascinated me. He was writing about what he called "the zone", and from my perspective hit the nail on the head with every word he wrote. Until then, I had never thought about this phenomenon, let alone given it a name. Being in the zone is a state of full concentration, when you work most efficiently. Sometimes people are able to get sucked into this so deeply that they lose track of time and even forget to eat or leave work. When they finally realize that it's 3am, they have finished a tremendous amount of work and don't feel exhausted at all (of course they might be in the next morning or an hour later though). Every programmer who has experienced this will tell you that it's an incredible feeling of elation. More...